J is for Jackalope

Written and illustrated by Teal Blake



The story…

J is for Jackalope is a grand adventure of a young boy named Samuel CB who lives with his family on a working cattle ranch in the West. Samuel has grown up working amid the ranch hands, riding horses, roping and developing the strong spirit that prompts him to new challenges.

The beautifully illustrated storyline chronicles a turning point in Samuel's life. Bored with the chores and limitations of boyhood, Samuel is craving more. After hearing stories of the fabled Jackalope living in nearby mountains, he sets out in search of a new endeavor and in the end also finds a great friend. 



Thank You

J is for Jackalope is a reality thanks to an incredibly

successful Kickstarter campaign.

Please view the original Kickstarter video below
for information on the backstory and heart behind the original story.