Are you taking private commissions?

Yes I am taking private commissions. Contact me for details.

What do you charge for a project?

Price depends on size and medium used. For more information, use this contact form.

Will you create a movie poster for us?

Yes, I enjoy any creative opportunities.

Do you design tattoos?

Yes, same as movie posters.

Will you draw my horse?

Yes, horse portrait commissions are a favorite of mine. See some examples here.

Can you paint my family portrait?


Do you sell prints?

I do, however I rarely do large editions and it is best to contact me to see what is available.


What paints do you use?

I prefer Winsor & Newton but there are several great brands that are comparable.

What paper do you use?

I use several brands of paper and all create different results. Twin rocker, Arches, Canson, and Sourcetek panels for oils.

How large are your originals?

My originals range from 8” x 10” to 40” x 60”

Do you really ride?

I do, I’ve been raised on and around horses my entire life. I did a great interview with Mountain and Prairie Podcast where I go in depth into my background.

How much do you draw each day?

I try to draw every day even if I’m not in the studio. Anywhere from 10 min to hours on end.

How long does it take you to finish an illustration?

It depends on on size. Some pieces are completed in a day and others in weeks.